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Evolution is Advancement

Decades of doing the impossible with structural and architectural steel.

For over 20 years, Surround Technologies Inc. has been the leading manufacturer, designer and integrator of custom enclosures, oil field skids and related products for commercial and industrial applications. In the past five years, we have expanded our capabilities to include engineering, design, and manufacturing of:

  • E-Houses – for complete/integrated electrical gear
  • Mechanical Houses for sophisticated mechanical pumps, HVAC, etc
  • Personal use buildings housing offices, control rooms, lavatories etc.

Our capabilities include the full spectrum of professional services including:

  • Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering
  • General Arrangement and production drawings
  • Integrated Project Management
  • Full Quality Assurance/Quality Control

April 2011 Surround Technologies was acquired by AdvanTec Global Innovations. ( AdvanTec’s expertise in industrial and marine technologies has helped to expand the knowledge base of experience available to Surround giving us a broader range of solutions to our customers

Surround Technologies gives our clients a complete, cost-effective solution.

STI delivers a “plug and play” solution which dramatically reduces the cost and time of traditional on-location construction.

Every Surround Technologies’ project is backed by our Assured Service & Quality Guarantee. (link to page)

Surround Technologies is a member of Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA) and the Consortium for Manufacturing Excellence that shares technologies and resources to stay at the forefront of today’s fast-changing market requirements.

About Advanced Bending Technologies
About Advanced Bending Technologies
About Advanced Bending Technologies
About Advanced Bending Technologies
Relationships Matter

We’ve manufactured and serviced for many Fortune 500 companies over the years. At Surround Technologies, it’s all about relationships.

  • Enclosures

    We take the time to design your enclosure to ensure the highest quality.

    The team at Surround Technologies utilizes its combine years of experience to design your enclosure to meet with your specifications and to ensure it will perform for many years to come.  

  • Packaging and Shipping

    We package and ship your project to your location for installation.

    To ensure that your product is not be damaged during shipping, Surround Technologies will remove all exterior components, package and clearly mark them separately, for easy installation.

  • Control Rooms

    Innovative Solutions, Superior Project Management & Quality Assurance

    Industry leader, Surround Technologies offers cutting-edge features to increase your equipment’s efficiency, performance and life. 

The Surround Technologies Process

Transforming Manufacturing Into a Shared Creative Experience


CONSULT. The AdvanTec Industrial experience starts with “Consult”, It’s important we get to know you first. We are committed to delivering solutions to meet customer requirements using our process of customer consultation, creative and collaborative thinking, innovative design solutions, and world class manufacturing systems. You will find an experienced, dedicated cross functional team anxious to spend time understanding your needs.

Our Process : Consult


CREATE. Clients need manufacturing partners who think creatively – partners who can meet needs in new, innovative and cost effective ways. AdvanTec Industrial takes great pride in bringing innovation into each step of its manufacturing process. Each project is led by a strong project management team comprised of experts in different areas.

Our Process : Create


DESIGN. Different by design; AdvanTec Industrial doesn’t approach projects like most others. Experience innovation in design. Continually learning how things can be done better; more cost effectively, and faster through collaboration with all our partners (customers, external expertise and internal expertise).

Our Process : Design


MANUFACTURE. Where it starts taking shape; We have pride in every step of the process. That’s our standard. Manufacturing is where it all comes together; watching solutions for our customers come to life on our manufacturing center floors

Our Process : Manufacture


DELIVER. AdvanTec Industrial doesn’t focus on delivering just a product. The deliverable for us is the promise. We’re committed to every facet of the promise we make each day to our employees, our clients, to the marketplace, and to the industry. Our promise is to provide a shared creative experience with all our stakeholders

Our Process : Deliver

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